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I joined FXB because I felt like I didn't have anything great in my life and I needed to lead a healthier lifestyle.
FXB has changed my life in many ways. Most importantly, I found myself. Through FXB I was able to not only improve my health.....which transcends to lifestyle changes and feeling better in all facets of life, but I've also been able to meet people there that have changed my life. I can't imagine my life without FXB right now. The confidence I've gained at FXB has also carried over to personal and professional advancement. Becoming an instructor at Farrell's is something I'm passionate about and gives me the mental fortitude I didn't know I had.
If you are looking for something different, something that might give you the "better life" you never thought you could have..........FXB could be what you're looking for. The members that encompass the gym are very happy and passionate people that will accept you as their own (if you choose) but you can also just do your own thing if that's what you like.

For anyone feeling lost, come check us out! We want to help you find your smile again :)

I enrolled in Farrell's to get back in shape after age 40. I had tried other workout programs but needed something new that would challenge me personally.
The things I love most about Farrell's is the camaraderie, encouragement, accountability, friends, and the physical and mental benefits from working out!
If there is one piece of advice I would give individuals who are interested in enrolling at Farrell's it would be to not think twice! Just go for it and commit! You won't be disappointed!
I enrolled in Farrell’s because my husband and I were looking for a workout routine that we would BOTH enjoy and could do together.
I love that the workouts at Farrell’s continually push you to new limits, the challenges motivate you to put in the extra work. The owners, instructors and members make every day fun, fresh and enjoyable!
My advice to anyone thinking of enrolling would be to jump right in, don’t think twice because you’ll never look back and regret joining this gym!
My Farrell’s journey began in October 2016 because I need something to finally call my own. I was aspiring for not only a physical change but for an emotional change as well. What I have gained from this program is so much more than I had ever hoped for. The biggest change I have seen is the confidence it has given me to believe in myself and push myself to limits I never thought possible.
The relationships that build and the transformations that take place, both mentally and physically, are nothing short of amazing and cannot be described. Farrell’s is a place for everyone without judgement and I’m so proud to be a part of this awesome team.
I enrolled in Farrell's because I love the group fitness setting which involves a 45 minute workout with both cardio and strength training.
I love the routine I have established for myself since I enrolled at Farrell's. I have built in "me time" specifically for myself.
If I had to give advice to individuals who wish to enroll at Farrell's it would be to just do it! You will not regret it!
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Location Info

Farrell's eXtreme Bodyshaping Elk River
19140 Freeport Street NW
Elk River, MN 55330

Phone: (763) 777-1616
Head Coach: Robyn Keller
Email: elkriver@extremebodyshaping.com
Head Coach:
Brittany Zweig
Email: elkriver@extremebodyshaping.com
Franchise Owner: B.R.E.W. Fitness, LLC
Email: elkriver@extremebodyshaping.com



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