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I joined Farrell's because I knew that it was what I needed to achieve my goals. I was already into fitness but needed the extra push to work harder. I watched other friends have success with FXB and listened to them constantly rave about the program. I followed Elk River closely and made sure I was the first to enroll!
Farrell's has given me strength, confidence and belief in myself. Even though I am still working towards ultimate fitness goals, Farrell's has helped me set a firm foundation and has encouraged me to celebrate the successes I already have.
I love the ratio of fitness and nutrition and that Farrell's stresses the importance of both. The instructors, coaches and members become a support system that push you and motivate you and friendships are easily made. Oh and kickboxing, yeah its pretty awesome!
I joined Farrell's after seeing the amazing results a co-worker had during, and after her 10 week session. I was looking for something "fun" to keep me motivated, and I was inspired by her transformation. What more "fun" could I have than punching a bag 3 days a week?
Of course, I have gained strength and endurance since joining FXB. But, more than that, I have gained the confidence and knowledge to know how to live a healthy lifestyle on a daily basis. Since I started FXB in May 2014, I overcome so many obstacles that I have struggled with my entire life.
The biggest thing I love about Farrell's is the sense of community. There is such a welcoming environment, where you feel "at home". Everyone is working on a common goal with such passion and enthusiasm, it is infectious. FXB is truly my "happy place". I love FXB for giving me the confidence to "step out of my box" and try new things, the opportunities are endless.
I joined Farrell's as I wanted a healthy start and needed the accountability and support to start my new lifestyle change. The smaller, friendly environment was welcoming and encouraging, not overwhelming or intimidating.

Farrells's played a role in my transformation by encouraging success, motivating me on tough days, providing options for new meal ideas and genuinely caring about personal successes. There is a sense of family in the gym and tremendous support from managers, instructors and challenge/FIT members!

I love the workouts, the variety, the 45 minute classes but most importantly.... the people. The smaller club creates cohesiveness and a "team approach" during a challenging time.

Why did you join Farrell's? I originally joined Farrell's because I was
looking for a different type of workout program, and I heard great things
about Farrell's. When I learned that there was going to be an Elk River
location, I knew I had to try it!
Farrell's has transformed me to want
to be the best version of myself possible! I have tried many different
workouts, and this program is by far the BEST! I used to workout in the
past - but that is all it was, a workout. I have found a passion with
Farrell's that pushes me to try harder every time I come to the gym. I have
transformed not only my mind, but my body as well. I am gaining muscle and
seeing definition that I have never seen before! I feel stronger each and
every day, and I know I will continue to be transformed as I continue on my
Farrell's journey!
I love that Farrell's is more than
just a gym - it is a family! Everyone is there to encourage each other to
be the best versions of ourselves! We are a community of people that have
came together with the same goals in mind, and have developed long
lasting friendships!

Before Farrell's I had bounced from gym to gym, never finding a place I felt comfortable working out. I was always working out alone or being hounded to get a personal trainer. A friend who had won a 10 week session recommended I join Farrell's. I did and never look back. Physically and mentally I am in the best shape of my life, and only getting stronger.

Farrell's gives you a family feel. Everyone is friendly, encouraging and those friends you make during the initial 10 week session and beyond, keep you coming back everyday.


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Location Info

Farrell's eXtreme Bodyshaping Elk River
19140 Freeport Street NW
Elk River, MN 55330

Phone: (763) 777-1616
Head Coach: Robyn Keller
Email: elkriver@extremebodyshaping.com
Head Coach:
Brittany Zweig
Email: elkriver@extremebodyshaping.com
Franchise Owner: B.R.E.W. Fitness, LLC
Email: elkriver@extremebodyshaping.com



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